Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


I became allergic to many things when I turned forty. At first it was just trees, flowers and the average seasonal allergies, but soon I started getting sinus infections on a regular basis and began coughing and choking, or losing my thought processes when confronted by fragrances and cleaning products. This all seemed to happen at the same time I found out I was BiPolar II and admitted to myself that I was trying to still the ache in my brain with alcohol. I began to drink to sooth my nerves. You can read about these two illnesses  on the Dancing On The YoYo Train.

For this book we'll focus on MCS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more environmental illnesses that keep people like me from living a full life...for now.

Everyone is concerned about the environment. David Suzuki is the loudest and most knowledgeable voice, who fights to teach us about what we are doing to the world and to our bodies.

How many people do you know who've either had cancer or died from it? I had cancer at the age of twenty-seven way back in 1988, but I am a survivor!

Does it make any sense that we live in such a mish-mash of chemicals. We burn garbage loaded with plastics and harmful toxins. Is it a wonder that MCS can kill. It isolates us from the outside world and makes us prisoner's in our homes, that is, if we can make our homes chemical free! Perfumes take me down for days at a time from just one whiff. I shudder when commercials come on where people are sniffing air fresheners like they were roses when they're really inhaling deadly chemicals into their lungs.

Millions of people have MCS across Canada and Millions more in the entire United States. I have no idea at this point about the rest of the world but my focus will be on the Northern Continents. This is a serious illness. You probably don't meet many people with it because they are forced to be shut-ins.

Please join me as I tell the tales of living in a chemical world and how you can protect yourself and your family from this illness.

*** 'NOTE', I was successful in healing from MCS many years later and I'll tell you how on the CURED tab.

Check out this excellent website about MCS:

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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