Years ago, I had MCS bad. I couldn't leave the house because of scents, asphault, paint, and many other things. Even someone's deodorant sent me into a sinus infection and blurry thoughts. It was so difficult to do anything. I cleaned my house with vinegar, salt, and baking soda, when I was well enough to do so.

 It was so limiting and frustrating, bringing on depression. I found out about Dr. Gupta (shown at the bottom of this page) He taught me how to retrain my brain so that I didn't react to the sensitivities. It took a lot of work, but it helped to cure me.

I recall driving through a construction site where they were repaving the road and I suddenly turned 'foggy' and couldn't think, my breathing was laboured and I couldn't see where I was going. I pulled over, thankfully, and waited it out. After I felt a bit better, wondering if I should have gone to the hospital, I carefully drove home and hit my pillow as I was sick for days afterwards, needing antibiotics to get better. It terrified me so I seldom left the house after that.

I once reacted and a woman said to me, "Here, smell my perfume and tell me if you're allergic to it." Duh! I was already falling ill from it.

One thing to do to retrain your brain is to be aware of how your body works. Every time I ran into a scent, I'd stop in my tracks and tense up. My brain would tell me to run, and react, but I could only wait it out. This is the fight or flight response in the brain. I would freeze up and try not to inhale, but once I did, the damage was done.

It took a lot of practice, but eventually I didn't turn into a deer in the headlights and slowed my mind to accept it was a scent and not react. Dr. Gupta can show you how it works, better than I can explain it, but now I am not even allergic to trees or anything else. It amazed me how I could smell something and not have a reaction. That doesn't mean I go around turning placing scents around my home, but I am not freaking out anymore. Amazing, right?
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