Franny Armstrong is a writer of “paranormal romantic suspense” novels filled with private investigators, police, and even Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers who use their amazing psychic abilities to catch the villains. Franny also uses her technical and journalistic skills to create helpful, upbeat stories and articles to enlighten and motivate people.

Franny became ill with recurrent sinus infections, coughing fits, fatigue, and disorientation in the mid-1990s, and after pursuing a diagnosis from allergists, was told by one years later, after he found no sign of allergies, that the reason for her ailments was sensitivities to chemicals. Having to quit work, stay at home, and give up socializing, shopping, and just about everything else was devastating, but Franny found one way to come out on top: she became a writer.

At that point, when she was 41, her life took a bad turn and she had a severe breakdown. She couldn't speak without it coming out gibberish, slept 20 hours a day, and was severely allergic to all scents.

“Living with MCS is a battle,” she says, “but if you never give up, you’ll win the war!” Franny will share information about her life with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other adventures in hopes that she can help even one person.

Be well.


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