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Thermo Windows: Argon Gas & Low E

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Low E and Argon Filled Thermo Units

Thermal (Thermo) unit windows have low E; a special coating on the windows that reduces the harmful light emissions from the sun rays to block out harmful sun rays but they don't prevent fading material on your furniture completely. They are filled with argon gas to increase the heat rating and prevent heat loss. I included links below to give you an idea of the potential hazards of it, but chances are you won't have much issue as long as you have a reputable contractor. Ask around to people who’ve used the contractor to make sure they are good ones.




Thermo units are SEALED so the gas doesn't leak unless the seal breaks. If the window is broken only on the outside pane (two panes with airspace in between) then you have no problem. Argon Gas is an insulator. Since you can't see the gas, nor the low e coating, it's difficult to tell whether you have it or not, yet sealed units are designed with it for the most part.




The glass is like a car windshield, made tempered which means it's fired at a higher temperature so that in case it breaks, it doesn't shatter but remains together for the most part (unless something goes through it like a stone) You will end up with a hole.




If you notice condensation (water or fog) inside the window then the seal is broken, which does happen over time, usually after about ten years unless you buy windows (through your contractor usually) from a reputable manufacturer that guarantees longer. Make sure you know how long it’s guaranteed for though..



The best way to protect yourself is to use a reputable company to install your windows. There are standards set up for companies that make the windows. Do a Google search of window installation, or ask your contractor what name brand they are going to use before he installs them and go to the site to research it. (if there is no site listed, then ‘buyer beware’)


CAULKING: Toxic versus Non-Toxic


There are many types of caulking. The outside caulking shouldn't bother you so much. There are Environmental NO VOC caulking for indoors that should be fine for MCSers. Check the links below for more information.



This is an excellent website for information:


http://www.servicemagic.com/article.show.The-Truth-About-Thermal-Re... (argon low e)

http://www.industrialgasplants.com/argon-material-safety.html (argon)

http://www.anekagas.com/MSDS/MSDSargongas.html (argon)

http://www.osiproseries.com/upload/sO01100SBR100MSDS.pdf (caulking)

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